After clubbing all night these two drunk men stop into the kitchen for a snack. They soon find that there are more interesting things to do in the kitchen other than eating. As they begin to fondle and touch one another, their clothes magically fall to the floor. One guy goes to check what is in the oven, and as he bends over the other drunk guy grabs his ass and plows it hard with his dick. Now things are heating up in the kitchen and they are stirring up something tasty as they continue to fuck until they explode in geysers of hot cum.

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When I first saw this video I about laughed myself out of my chair. If I ever had a lover that was drunk and ready to fuck, I think I’d have to pass on that action until he sobered up a bit. Watch as this horny gay drunk dude stuffs his cock in that tight ass. It takes him a bit to find that tight round hole, but once he does he fucks it for all its worth! I have to admit though that as I watched this drunk gay sex video that I got turned on!

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When you see this wild gay drunk video you’ll ask yourself why can’t I find a hot lover like that. This horny guy picked up a hot young gay Russian boy at the bar, and brought him home. He didn’t waste anytime, he bent him over and spread his ass cheeks and shoved his thick hard dick in and went to town. That drunk gay boy had his ass destroyed by that big dick and then passed out.

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When you are at the club and drinking your ass off you have to pee a lot, sometimes you’re alone, but other times you’ll find a few guys in the bathroom with you. When these drunk men got to drinking they found more fun in the bathroom than they did hanging at the bar looking sad and dejected. Instead of these guys whacking off at home alone they meet up in the public bathroom and do some hot sucking. It is amazing how damn dirty they get in a public restroom, but I love watching this drunk gay sex and so will you.

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There are a lot of fun things to watch, but I think one of my favorites is watching drunk gay sex. Shit happens then that really shouldn’t happen. These two drunk men were having a private celebration. They got so drunk they threw up on each other, and had to get in the bathroom and clean up. They cleaned up alright, one thing lead to another and soon these drunk guys were cleaning out each other’s mouths licking deep to get all the nasty crap out. Then they got naked and started to pummel those asses cleaning them out too.

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When this guy decided to go out clubbing he really overdid it. He drank so much that the taxi guy didn’t want to drive his drunken ass home. He did finally find a guy that didn’t mind the smell and drove this gay drunk home. When his boyfriend saw how messed up he was he tried to give him a bath, but ended up letting him tool his tight ass as he kneels in the warm water that he ran to clean up his lover.

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When these boys were looking to hookup they headed online instead of to the club. They were both tired of the bar scene and drinking up to much of their salaries. After chatting awhile online they decide to meet, and as typical gay boys do they grab some beer and had a few as they got to know each other in person. Once they loosened up a bit they began to touch gently, and then turned to kiss each other. As those men kissing got hornier they took those cocks and began to jerk on them before stuffing them into tight asses and fucking the night away.

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This gay Russian boy was in luck. He went to see his college professor and found him drinking on the job. He figured he could get away with murder, but what he didn’t’ realize was that this nasty teacher would blackmail him into fucking him for a better grade. Drunk or not, this drunk man gets his ass destroyed exactly the way he was hoping for. He even sucked on that young gay Russian boys cock and got him to explode his creamy load in his cum hungry mouth. It was a perfect day at school!

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These boys are at home watching the latest American Idol, listening to the music and drinking a few beers. Those few beers turned into a twelve pack, and after all that liberal alcohol these gay Russian boys became so horny that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. It wasn’t hard to grab those cocks because the boys were already naked on the couch watching TV. After the last singer had sung, they turned to each other and took the fondling to the next level and began to fuck each other as their beer bottles rolled across the room.

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This young gay Russian boy went to his teacher’s office to find out why he is getting such bad marks in class. His instructor pours him a drink and he sits down to gulp it down and find out why he is failing. His teacher tells him his essays suck, but he can help him get his grades up, if he helps him get his dick up. He does more than help him get his cock hard, he fills his ass with that young cock of his and fucks this drunk gay man until he is gapped wide open and begging for more.

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